How can I tell if I have the latest version of the app?

We are constantly updating and improving the app, and the best way to stay current is to enable the “automatic update” function in the app settings on your phone. Our latest version is 2.2.8, updated in October 2023, which has enhanced search and sharing capabilities. If you have an Android phone, certain functionality may be glitchy depending on the make and model of your phone. If you have any technical issues, please let us know the make and model of your phone and which operating system is used and email us at dickstein@bestofventures.com.

Q. Is the app viewable on a PC?

Unfortunately, the app is only viewable on select devices, including cellular phones (iPhones and Androids), iPads and Macs. The app is downloadable through the App Store and GooglePlay. The app is not available for download or viewing on PCs.

Can I search for what I am looking for by keywords? 

Yes, you can!  The search function magnifying glass icon will allow for quick and easy navigation.  Feel like “shrimp scampi”, type it into search. 

How do I use the Favorites Icon?

Our helpful Favorites Icon looks like a simple ribbon and is located on the bottom navigation bar and in the upper righthand corner of every business and restaurant listing. Clicking on the favorites icon on the bottom navigation bar will access your personalized list of favorite businesses. Clicking on the icon from a business screen adds that business to your favorites list. To remove a business, simply click on the icon again and it will remove the listing.

Can I submit reviews about dining and entertainment experiences and other services I find on the app?

Yes! Best Of Community Chat is set up as a discussion forum where all matters pertaining to the app and your town can be discussed.  This is a safe place moderated by our local team, powered by Facebook, where posts are monitored for civility, fairness, and accuracy. Just click on the “Share Your Photos & Experiences” button in the app’s restaurant and entertainment listings, or click on the chat icon (the quote bubble) on the bottom bar, or just click on the top title card of the app’s main menu. (Note: You may have to log in with your Facebook credentials the first time while in the app to connect to your town’s Best of Community Chat.

How are the Best Of restaurants that appear on the app chosen?

We depend on our local food experts to curate the restaurants that appear in the Best Of app.  Restaurants cannot and do not pay us for placement so that our team can present only unbiased recommendations. Restaurants that don’t maintain our high-quality standards can and will be removed from the Best Of app, at any time.

What is “Best of the Best” in the “Eating” category? 

 Best of the Best presents our picks of the very top restaurants, essential and defining places, that residents and visitors alike should experience to get a sense of what makes your community special. These are not necessarily fancy or expensive places, but the ones that are the best of what they do. Best of the Best lists are highly curated by our experts and will be updated yearly. 

Does the app have a 'things to do' calendar with cool local happenings?

Click on “Buzz”.

How do I enter to win contests and giveaways?

We love to give stuff away! Check the app often for contest news and entry information. You can find contest details in the “Buzz” section of the app. And be sure to share and tell your friends about our contests — and the Best of Local app!

I'm used to sharing photos on review sites. Can I post pictures here?

Yes, you certainly can, and we totally encourage sharing! It is super simple to upload your photos using our local Best of Community Chat group (just like you can write reviews through the chat feature.)  Just click on the “Share Your Photos & Experiences” tab in the restaurant and entertainment pages, or on the chat icons on the app, or by clicking the top title card on the app’s main page. That will take you to your local Best of Community Chat, a safe place moderated by our local team and powered by Facebook.

Once in chat, click on “photo” next to “write something” to share your best local pics! Pro tip for foodies: Full plates look better than half-eaten or empty ones, so remember to snap before you eat. (Note: You may have to log in with your Facebook credentials the first time while in the app to connect to your town’s Best of Community Chat.)

What should I do if I find that a contact number listed is incorrect, not working, or I discovered the business is closed? 

We try to update data in real-time, but the world moves quickly and sometimes we miss things. Please alert us if you find any outdated or incorrect information in the app by emailing us at help@bestoflocal.app.

Why am I having trouble switching between locations? 

The Best of app is chock full of local data, so it’s normal to experience some latency when changing locations. However, if you are waiting more than 10 seconds to change locations, it is likely the result of a weak mobile connection.  If it’s not a signal issue, try opening and closing the app or switching city selections. If the problem persists, you can remove and redownload the app or contact us at:  help@bestoflocal.app

What criteria is used for businesses/sponsors appearing in the Home and Professional Services categories?

Our hyper-local team, the same people who live in your community, is charged with vetting every sponsor you see listed in the app.  We scour the web for services with the best user reviews, check-in with the BBB, and seek cloud-sourced recommendations before allowing a business to appear on our platform.  While we can’t guarantee the outcome of any service, we guarantee that the company was researched before allowing them to become a sponsor.  

How do I get my company listed on the app?

Membership registration begins by clicking on “Promote Your Business” in the Best Of app menu.  After providing your company’s information, continue filling in the self-service membership application form or contact us to register you.  

How come I am unable to choose the city location I want, or the app defaults to a location I have not chosen?

Most likely your locations settings are turned off and not enabled on your phone. Go to the Best of Local App in your phone’s settings. Make sure “while using” is checked.

How do I become a local community leader and create a Best Of app for my city?

We are building Best Of communities worldwide and are seeking motivated partners. For more information, click on “Join Our Team” in the app menu and fill out the registration form. 

What is Best Of Local? And how is it affiliated with Best of Delray Beach?

Best Of Local is our corporate brand name that includes the growing roster of Best Of communities around the US and world. Your local Best Of platform is part of the Best of Local mobile app. Best of Local is the icon you’ll see after you’ve downloaded the app. The Best Of community closest to you should appear automatically on your app, but you can also check out other Best Of locations by hitting the “Select Location” tab from the main dropdown menu.

How do I connect to the companion Best Of Community Chat or Best Of Instagram page?

After clicking on Chat or Instagram icons, use your personal login credentials to navigate to either our Facebook Community Chat or Instagram account.

I see that the Community Chat feature is engaged through Facebook, but I'm not a fan of Facebook and don’t have an account. Can I still use the app?

Of course! Our app doesn’t require any social media linkage, so it’s never been easier to find a great place to eat, make reservations, get delivery, find needed home or professional services, book travel, discover local retailers, shop a virtual mall, organize fun activities, meet a real estate agent, and much, much more. However, should you want to post or see photos, share experiences or learn about others’ experiences, Best of Local has created its own moderated Community Chat, powered by Facebook Groups. It’s a safe and civil space to talk about the Best of your town! We’d love for you to share in our engaging community, but the app is a great utility whether or not you join the group.

I’ve never used Facebook before. How do I go about creating posts to share photos, videos and reviews on the Best Of Local community chat page?

If you are not familiar with the Facebook interface, it’s still super simple. First, you will need to create a Facebook account. You may have to sign into Facebook and hit “Join Group” the first time you get onto your local Best Of Community Group through the chat icons or “share your experiences and photos” tabs on the app. Our Facebook Group platform is moderated and has rules to encourage civility, relevance and constructive engagement.

To seek recommendations and share experiences and reviews, simply enter text into the box that says, “Write something,” then hit return. To add photos or video, simply click on the green photo/video icon. You can upload any photo from your phone’s photo library (you may have to enable sharing your phone’s photos to Facebook). Pro tip: When it comes to food pics, the most appetizing are of full plates and untouched meals. Remember to “shoot before you eat,” and those luscious plates will look their best for your friends on Best of Local Community Chat.

I don’t see the photos or review that I tried to post to the Best of Community Chat group. What happened?

Our Best of Community Chat groups are moderated to ensure civility, fairness and to weed out spam, which means sometimes there may be a slight delay before you see your post. Feedback about your experiences and recommendations are encouraged, but political commentary, posts that have legal implications or are irrelevant to the local community, and bullying are not permitted. Please familiarize yourself with the Community chat rules, and feel free to reach out to group admins or moderators if you have any questions. To search for posts about a topic or specific restaurant or business in Community Chat, use Facebook’s search feature in the chat group (usually a magnifying glass icon atop the page on phones, or a search field on the left side on tablets).


Can I make reservations, arrange delivery, book travel plans, shop, and pay directly from the app?

Absolutely! The Best Of app is fully transactional.  You can simply navigate between retail stores, restaurants, professional or home services, hotels, airlines, etc.  Most listings feature local businesses that we encourage you to usealthough some national chains meet our standards for inclusion.  Our Best of Mall arena is meant to be a virtual mall that includes familiar brick and mortar national retailers.  

Is it me, or are none of the categories working on the website?

No, it’s not you.  Because we are encouraging engagement on the app, we decided that the website would be a visual companion to the app only.  We could be convinced, down the road, to make it functional in the same way as the app. Some digital content in our Buzz section is viewable on the website, along with information about promotional opportunities for businesses on the app.  

When I clicked on the chat icon, I received the following Facebook error notice: "Sorry, something went wrong." What should I do?

Usually this messages comes up when your phone is out of cellular range or there is no wi-fi signal. Try opening and closing the app, or if it persists, you can try reinstalling the app on your phone, or shutting down and reopening your mobile device. Should the problem persist, you will need to check network connections.